I am the son of Joseph Sean Patrick Noonan and Laura Ellen (Gordon) Noonan. 
Here are some other interesting facts about me and my family.
  • I am my parent's first child. 
  • I am the first Gordon grandchild
  • I am the 15th Noonan grandchild.
  • I am the 4th male grandchild

This is my Daddy changing my diaper (pictured right). Notice how professional he looks in this photo. I have been given he and Mommy a lot of practice since I was born. It's only Day 7 here and already I have used over 100 diapers.

This is my Mommy in the hospital just an hour after I arrived.  She looks pretty happy to see me. I hear she waited a long time for me to arrive and I am really happy to meet her. I think I'll just catch some sleep first. (pictured left).

This is my Aunt Cheryl (my Mommy's sister). She was inside the delivery room when I was born (pictured right) and here she is 1 week later visiting me in my new digs. 

This is my Grandpa Gordon (pictured left) on my very first Passover. He came to see me on my third day and was very impressed with how big I was.  I hope I get his baby blue hazel eyes. They are really cool. 

Grandma Gordon (picture coming soon) was at the hospital when I was born and held me on my first day. 

This is Grandma Noonan (pictured left). She showed Mommy and Daddy some cool things about taking care of me.  I am particularly happy that she taught them how to put my clothes on from the "bottom up" instead of over my head. I really hated that "over-the-head" thing. 

This is Grandpa James Patrick Noonan who I am named after (pictured right). I had trouble falling asleep this day, so Grandpa rocked me and sang to me. I think he likes me.

This is my Uncle Jamie "James Patrick Noonan" ---- my Daddy's older brother(pictured left). I share my name AND my birthday with him. We were born on March 9th! It looks like I also have his haircut. Hmmmm? My Daddy must take me to the same barber.

This is my Uncle Jeremy ----- my Daddy's younger brother(pictured right).I share his nickname "Jay". I also think he looks a lot like my Daddy. It's very confusing. 

This is my Aunt Janet---- my Daddy's sister (pictured left). She is a nurse and taught my Mommy and Daddy how to prepare for my arrival. She must have done a good job because I found the trip quite agreeable. She also lives in Barrington, Rhode Island where my grandparents, my Aunt Jennifer (see below) and my Uncle Jeremy (see above) all live. 

This is my Aunt Jennifer---- my Daddy's sister (pictured right). Here I am with her at my very first Easter hosted at her home in Barrington, Rhode Island. She told me that I smelled nice and she spent some quality time cuddling me. I liked that!

This is my Aunt Judy---- my Daddy's sister (pictured left). Here I am with her at my first Easter. Do you see the pretty pin she is wearing? She made that and I am hoping that I get her creative talent. She is also a super artist and a great gardener. Maybe I will get her "green thumb".

This is my Uncle Hop (Robert)  Johnson ---- my Daddy's brother-in-law (pictured right). As you can see in the photo, I was squirming a lot when my Mommy handed me to him. But I hope next time I can spend more time with him. I hear he is a great coach and an awesome finished carpenter. I hoping that he will share some of his talents with me too!

This is my oldest cousin Emily Johnson (pictured left).She came to visit me on my 14th day in the world. She also gave me my second bath with my cousin Anna (pictured right) and dressed me in my baby gap overalls.  Check me out in my new outfit.

This is my cousin Anna Johnson (pictured right).She also came to visit me on my 14th day and she cut my finger nails for the first time. Hurray!  I just noticed I have hands!  Mommy and Daddy have kept my hands in mitts because they didn't want me to scratch myself. But now, thanks to Anna, I am free!

This is my cousin Nathaniel Johnson (pictured left). He is my oldest male cousin (we are 17 years apart) and he is a great athlete. I hope I inherit his althletic ability. Maybe when I get older he can give me some pointers.

This is my cousin Elizabeth Noonan with her Mom (my Aunt Jane) and Me! (pictured right). They live the closest to me (about 20 minutes away) and they gave me my "pack-n'play" which I love to sleep in when I am jetsetting around the country. They also gave me my first piggy-bank so I could start saving up for college. I am going to need a lot of pennies.

This is my cousin Leah Thomas (pictured left). She made the blanket I am wearing in the photograph. It's really, really soft and the colors are fun to stare at. It is also my only "family made" blanket. I will try to make sure not to stain it so I can save it FOREVER.

These are my cousins Maura and Zachary Thomas (pictured right). Here we are together at my garndparents house for the famous Noonan Easter Egg Hunt. Maura won the Easter egg hunt this year (she got the most eggs and the most money). I am hoping to give her a little competition when I get old enough to run. Last year, I heard that Zachary won the hunt. I think they must have a good strategy.  

This is my cousin Hillary Hawkins (pictured left). Here I am with her on Easter Sunday. She was so excited to hold me and waited patiently for me to wake up (almost an hour) before she got a chance to cuddle with me. It's nice to be loved!

This is my cousin Audrey Hawkins (pictured right). She came to stay with me and take care of me during her Spring break when I was only 5 weeks old. I am so lucky! Here we are together at her house on my first Easter. 

These are 10 of my cousins on my Daddy's side of the family (pictured left). They include (from left to right): Alexandra, Maura, Jennifer, Zachary, Audrey, Leah, Elizabeth, Nathaniel, Anna (hold me!) and Emily (my oldest cousin). You can click the photo to enlarge it.

These are my 1st cousins (once removed) Cori and Steven Gordon and their 2 children Jessica and Danielle (pictured right).Here I am visiting them at their house in Connecticut. Unfortunately, I slept through most of my visit so I didn't get to play with them, but I had a lot of fun just hanging out. 

This is my Great Uncle Bennett (pictured left).He is my father's brother and lives in Connecticut less than an hour from my grandparents.  Here I am with him at my cousins house.

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